Strategy & Planning

An Effective Employee Benefits Program Starts With The Right Design!

A competitive employee benefits plan that is cost-effective and retains and attracts talent begins with making the right selections based on the offerings available. A benefits strategy is more than just the numbers. JS Clark’s Plan Analysts – using years of experience and expertise – assess every employer’s unique situation to develop a plan that offers the right benefit solutions and highlights areas employers may have overlooked. Our analysis includes a review of the financial performance of all existing plans. We conduct a thorough service evaluation of the existing or prospective carrier. We then compare our research with both industry and geographic norms. We also work with you through a step-by-step renewal process.

Our Plan Analysts not only help your bottom-line, they bring creative solutions to the table focusing on all areas of employee benefits including but not limited to:

  • Aligning a benefits strategy with an organization’s business objectives;
  • Building a plan based on clear concrete goals;
  • Creating data-driven cost-effective benefit plans;
  • Delivering competitive benefit arrangements;
  • Increasing employees’ choice of plans to find one that is right for their stage of life; and
  • Providing a plan that fits into the total compensation picture for an organization.

Download our Description of Services Brochure to learn how we can help you create a strategic employee benefits plan!

Download the JS Clark Description of Services Brochure