Medical Organization streamlines benefits enrollment and saves time with benefits software

A group of five Michigan-based medical providers were merging to form one organization. This merger created chaos on the benefits side. With JS Clark’s help, the organization was able to streamline their benefits processes.

To ensure a smooth benefits transition for five physician groups merging together.

Five physician groups all had their own brokers and methods for benefits enrollment maintenance. JS Clark was asked to find a way to consolidate all of the offices and bring everyone under one “benefits umbrella.” Each office was using paper enrollment forms because each office offered employees a different benefits package. JS Clark reviewed each location’s benefits offerings and then designed a plan that was accepted by each group for its employees.

To streamline enrollment, reduce paperwork and reach clinical staff always on the go – JS Clark used HRConnection® as its technology solution. HRConnection® allowed all five different payroll vendors to deduct employee benefits from each employee’s paycheck. It was a streamlined way to provide updated information for carriers and any plan changes as well as allowing employees to enroll online. This solution also allowed JS Clark to gather necessary information in lieu of contacting the Human Resources Director of the organization.

JS Clark’s benefits plan and software implementation for the medical organization resulted in a streamlined enrollment process with easy–to-access benefits information for employees. There were no more paper enrollment forms. JS Clark’s work created a centralized database of benefits information regarding employees; faster carrier implementation; a reduction of HR staff time devoted to benefits; and the ability to use data to fuel decisions on how to communicate with employees about their benefit options.