Planning for a Virtual Open Enrollment Experience

Open enrollment is just around the corner. Many organizations are still operating remotely. This open enrollment season presents more challenges as the world grapples with an event not seen for the last 100 years. Here are some tips on how to prepare for open enrollment amid uncertainty.

Go Virtual
There has been a lot of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many organizations are planning to hold virtual open enrollments because of this. A virtual enrollment process allows individuals to get the benefits information they need without being near each other. It includes video meetings, live chat sessions, platforms for online enrollment for benefit selection, downloadable forms and guides and mobile-friendly benefits resources and access.
When conducting virtual open enrollment meetings try to pair it with other standardized methods of communication such as phone and email to help employees that may not be as tech savvy.

Make Benefits Materials Interactive
When creating benefits materials, it helps if they are interactive. Instead of static PDF documents, you can make them interactive and engaging by including hyperlinks, click-to-call, video embedding, and more.

Provide Open Enrollment Materials On-Demand
If you hold virtual enrollment, make sure to record and make video meetings/presentations available for later access. Any employee that can’t attend the in-person will be able to view the presentation again later. You can also always create another webinar where the pre-recorded video is replayed, and it ends with a live Q&A portion. Recordings also allow you to set up a dedicated portal online where information can be categorized and put into one place for easy access for employees.

For more information on all things COVID-19 related, we’ve assembled an online COVID-19 resource center designed to help employers during these unprecedented times. The resource center includes carrier updates, health and wellbeing resources, benefit compliance updates, and much more.

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