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Pet insurance offers your employees’ pets access to necessary medical care

May is National Pet Month! According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 85 million families own a pet, which probably includes many of your employees! Pet insurance helps cover the cost of veterinary care if one of your employee’s beloved pets becomes ill or injured. Some plans also provide reimbursement for wellness procedures such as vaccinations and an annual checkup. Pet insurance is a valuable employee benefit that can offer your employees peace of mind knowing their pets are taken care of just like their family.

To understand how pet insurance can make a big difference, we asked a real pet owner using a current pet insurance policy to describe how pet insurance has made a difference in her family’s and her pets’ lives. This pet owner’s, whose first name we are sharing, is Brooke. Brooke owns two large breeds of dogs. Zeus who is a Great Dane and Abbot who is a Labrador.  Zeus was brought home as a puppy and is currently 2 years old. Abbot is 5 years old.Zeus is prone to joint issues, stomach issues and a life-threatening condition called bloat. Pet insurance was purchased for Zeus at nine weeks old and Zeus’s owner, Brooke, was glad the decision was made as she could not have “anticipated the cost of wellness visits especially as his size increased.”

Brooke’s policy has covered all kinds of services from neuters to wellness visits to annual vaccines to heart worm medication for her beloved family dog. The insurance has also been an asset when Zeus swallowed a lamb chop bone and needed x-rays. The out-of-pocket cost for Brooke was $400 for the x-rays and the emergency exam, which was only 10 percent of the total costs for medical work.

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Abbott (left) and Zeus (right) relax at home. Their owner believes the pet insurance she purchased has been worth the investment.

The pet insurance plan is designed so Brooke pays a total annual deductible of $250 and then just 10 percent after as a co-pay regardless if it’s a medical emergency or a wellness exam. If we do the math, the plan savings looks like this:




As you can see, pet insurance can help your employees save money on necessary medical services for their pets. The savings increases if the family owns more than one animal. Give your employees peace of mind! JS Clark Agency can set you up with a pet insurance plan that is right for your organization. Email us at solutions@jsclakagency.com or call us at 248.355.9600.


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