Medical Provider Revamps Compliance Procedures To Avoid Penalties And Fees

A Michigan-based medical provider was audited by the Department of Labor (DOL). It was discovered that the medical provider had not been compliant in a couple of areas regarding employee benefits. With JS Clark’s help, the provider was able to successfully correct all compliance-related issues.

To ensure a medical provider was compliant with the Department of Labor (DOL).

A JS Clark Agency Account Manager served as the liaison between the DOL, the medical provider and the medical provider’s health care carrier to ensure that the company was compliant with all employee benefit requirements. JS Clark kept in constant contact with the DOL and coordinated the necessary steps to ensure the medical provider was responding in a timely manner.

JS Clark also developed a compliance checklist for the client and assisted with the delivery of Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) to all of the medical provider’s employees.  JS Clark then served as the liaison for the DOL and the health care carrier to ensure that all requirements were being met. With JS Clark acting as the liaison, the agency ensured the medical provider would not be held responsible for compliance issues that were the responsibility of the carrier.

After one year, the medical provider passed the DOL check without fines or penalties. The company was happy with the service they received from JS Clark Agency.