Jill Hall

Jill Hall JS Clark Agency
Jill Hall joined JS Clark Agency in 2013. At JS Clark, Jill specializes in Individual Benefit Services including Medicare, individual/family plans and health care plans available in the Health Insurance Marketplace. She works with clients to find the best option for their unique circumstance including, but not limited to: Retirement, changing employers, and dependents reaching the age limit for parental health insurance plans.

Jill’s ability to help people navigate health insurance options and understand the varying factors that apply to their circumstance has resulted in numerous clients securing much-needed coverage through the Marketplace using Premium Tax Credits or through other available insurance carriers and plans. In addition to individual benefits plan management, she also oversees small group benefit plans.

JS Clark Agency joined AssuredPartners in 2018. As our partnership grows, we are moving our digital assets into a centralized location. Our current website will be replaced by our new web presence on the AssuredPartners website. You can find the login for HR360.com on this page as well as any upcoming events from our office. Visit the new web page at https://www.assuredpartners.com/SouthfieldMI. https://www.assuredpartners.com/SouthfieldMI