Coronavirus Employer Reopening Forms Package

At JS Clark Agency, we realize the flurry of news and information during this time is overwhelming for many employers.

To consolidate resources, we are providing the Coronavirus Employer Reopening Forms Package prepared by our ERISA attorney Larry Grudzien; partnered with Gary Miller.

This comprehensive package includes forms, policies, checklists and guidance to ensure compliance with the legal and safety issues of reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It puts essential materials you may need in one easy to access file with 40 pages and includes:

  • Employer Reopening Checklist
  • Worksite Reopening during Coronavirus Policy
  • Telecommuting Employees: Best Practices Checklist
  • Employee Remote Work Policy
  • Coronavirus Telework/Remote Work Policy
  • Flexible Work Schedule Policy
  • And more!

We understand every business’s needs are individually unique. While some employers may already have some of these documents in place, many employers are unaware of the requirements or not sure where to go to get what they need.

Schedule a time below to learn more about us and receive your copy of the Employer Reopening Forms Package.