Company Redesigns Benefit Plan To Offer Employees A Financially Sensible Option

A company was providing a high-cost health care plan to its employees. While the plan offered more choice, the cost to employees was well above a level at which they could comfortably afford. Although employers like to provide choices for their employees, it’s their responsibility to protect their employees from a bad insurance choice.

To offer an affordable benefit option with valuable services to employees.

The company was offering a higher cost medical plan that didn’t provide an equitable richer benefit.  It was the equivalent of paying $0.69 for two 10 ounce cans of green beans when you could have purchased one 24 ounce can for a dollar. This plan had 50 people enrolled. JS Clark did a thorough analysis of the company’s current offerings.  A JS Clark Account Executive with numerous years of expertise and experience adjusted the company’s plan design to achieve better results.

The JS Clark solution resulted in the elimination of the higher cost benefit plan. It was replaced with a financially sensible option for enrolled employees while maintaining the same provider network. The employee’s maximum liability was reduced by $500 a year.