3 Open Enrollment Mistakes Employers Make

Open enrollment season is just around the corner, which means your human resources team will be busy ensuring their employees are securing health care coverage. Trying to accommodate the diverse needs of employees in a short time frame is challenging and mistakes can easily occur.

Although the list of mistakes that can happen are longer than listed here, below are three common errors that occur during open enrollment and tips on how to avoid them.

1. Inadequate communication
This is a big mistake with employers. Communication is key to a successful open enrollment period. If your employees are unaware of deadlines, webinars, Q&A sessions and other materials and/or events to help them make selections during open enrollment season the whole process will be limited in success. Plus, the Affordable Care Act requires all employers that are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act to communicate with employees about their health care coverage options.

2. Failure to integrate technology
Online enrollment tools are efficient and effective. Sticking to traditional paper methods can delay processing and timely delivery of services and is more prone to errors. Plus, employees can access enrollment information anywhere when given an electronic option. In addition to the convenience factors, it’s also environment-friendly. You’ll save a lot of trees when you avoid printing 15+ page documents for every employee at your organization.

3. Failing to adapt a holistic approach
From personalized benefits education to strategic benefits communication and dedicated ongoing support and services, the employee benefits process must be approached from a holistic point of view. How does open enrollment as it is conducted today fit into the overall picture of your company’s benefits strategy and how can it be enhanced to meet company budget and retention goals? Thinking about open enrollment from a holistic view can help you create a better open enrollment experience for your company and its employees.

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