2020 Wellness Calendar for Employers

2020 Wellness Calendar

2020 is here and so is our wellness calendar for employers. If your company does or doesn’t have an official wellness program, you can use this calendar to keep track of monthly holidays and health awareness initiatives to engage your employees.

Employee Appreciation Day takes place in March, but you can celebrate any day you want throughout the month. Find ways to make your employees feel valued. Feeling valued is good for employee morale. You can do this through hand-written thank you notes, pass out gift cards or sponsor a lunch for all of your staff.

Tax Day is in April. April is a good time to talk financial wellness with your employees. Bring in an expert for a Breakfast & Learn or Lunch & Learn on your 401K or other retirement offerings. Share trusted resources on saving and budgeting tips in your employee newsletters. Consider creating a financial wellness program for employees.

May is Mental Health Month. Distribute information that ensures your employees are aware of the Employee Assistance Program your company offers (if applicable). Employees can receive a free depression screening through some preventive services for eligible plans.

Take a break! Schedule a company picnic, a baseball outing or some other event that allows for a day of decompression for employees.

It’s officially summer! This means there are more opportunities than ever to get out and get moving. Consider 5Ks that support a cause aligned with your company’s values and mission. You could also consider other outdoor-based volunteer events that can help your employees get active such as participation in the creation or maintenance of community gardens.

July is National Ultraviolet Safety Month. This month is a good time to include information in your employee newsletters about sun and skin safety. This information can come from your carrier. Also feel free to encourage skin safety by passing out sunglasses and/or mini sunscreens to employees. You can put these in common areas for taking.

August is National Eye Exam Month! Share information on the importance of annual eye screenings with employees in your newsletter. Also, reminder employees those free sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun are still available in your common areas.

Flu Shot Clinic – Flu season is coming soon. Bring in flu shots on site to your employees to make it convenient for them to access the shot. Provide mini-hand sanitizers for employees to take and put in hand sanitizer dispensers throughout your office to encourage clean hands throughout the flu season and beyond.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now is a good time to distribute information about your carrier’s mammogram screenings, which many health plans cover at 100 percent.

Halloween is also part of the season. Share information on healthy alternatives to candy with your employees.

It’s the month of Thanksgiving. Hold a potluck where employees bring in healthier dishes that are not the traditional Thanksgiving Day meals. Have them share the recipe for what they made.

December is the month of giving. Adopt-A-Family or volunteer to serve meals for the less fortunate. These activities are great team bonding experiences for employees.

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